Mini Rant

Okay, mini rant… So I just finished my AP Gov Test and it went really well. I was happily surprised. I had one issue with a FRQ but I bs-ed my way through it. After the test Jordan, Sam and I went out to lunch then chilled at my house. While we were eating, Sam tells us that a girl in her testing room cheated but wouldn’t tell us who. So naturally, Jessica and I started guessing who it was. After a while, we finally guessed correctly- Frankie… Unfortunately, Jordan and I weren’t too surprised; neither one of us liked Frankie at all but still. I like to think that all of us are pretty smart, Jordan and Sam were in the top 25 and I am an AP student, so hearing that someone cheated makes all of us so annoyed. We all work hard and the question everyone in our class (of the seniors who took that AP Gov test) did not know what the question was asking so we all bs-ed our way through it.

I think that worst part isn’t that Frankie cheated but how she cheated. She was  done with her test, went to the bathroom and six minutes (yes, six minutes, Sam counted) and came back, flipped to the question that everyone struggled with, and crossed some of her answer out and continued writing. She was so blatant and obvious! It was painful… But not only did she blatantly cheat, I hate this girl. She is so annoying and mean. She was the reason I would come home from school and cry all of freshman year. So, just her producing carbon dioxide makes me want to throw her head against a wall.

Anyway, I hate that she cheated and got the answer correct on a question that everyone struggled with. It isn’t fair and what really isn’t fair is she can’t and won’t get caught. She went to the bathroom, used her phone, and got an advantage from it. It is just SO infuriating. I studied my butt off last night and the cases on the FRQ were not mentioned. It kind of blindsided everyone, even our teachers when we asked.

I know I need to get over it, and I will. But right now, I am SO frustrated. She cheated, and risked voiding everyone else’s test…

Okay- rant over


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